Mr. Muhammad Farid Khan was born in July 1960 and completed his Bachelors in Business from Dhaka University. He started his business career in 1980, working side by side with his brother Mr. Muhammed Aziz Khan trading plastic compounds, fertilizer and other commodities. He played an integral role in establishing and developing Summit Industrial and Mercantile (Pvt.) Limited in 1985. Mr. Khan pioneered export of molasses and fertilizer from Bangladesh.

His key entrepreneurial skill and expertise focuses in the establishment and development of new and innovative projects. He was solely instrumental in setting up the Liquefied Petroleum Gas (“LPG”) project and storage tank terminal at Mongla under Khulna district. As Summit implemented the first Independent Power project (IPP) in Bangladesh, Mr. Khan took charge of Summit Power Limited as it's Vice Chairman in 2007 and established it's foundation. SPL is now publicly listed in the Dhaka and Chittagong stock exchanges and generates 336 MW of electricity for Bangladesh.

In 2010, Mr. Khan gave up his position as Vice Chairman of SPL and shifted his focus into attaining hi technology prospects that would digitalize Bangladesh and swift global connectivity. He took responsibility of Summit Communications Limited as it's Vice Chairman to strengthen Summit's role as a catalyst for the introduction of new and pioneering businesses in Bangladesh. Under his guidance, SComm spearheaded into that market by constructing an innovative and efficient optical fiber network architecture nationally. Mr. Khan intends to expand this connectivity beyond the borders of Bangladesh along with introducing other connectivity services nationally and globally.

Besides his interest in promoting hi technology business, Mr. Khan as Vice Chairman is directly involved with Summit Group in it's entirety, strategizing and mapping out future prospects especially in areas of infrastructure development and economic potential.

Mr. Khan is a member of Siraj Khaleda Trust and promotes education for underprivileged children in Bangladesh. He also sponsors several autistic children in the Society for Education of the Intellectually Disabled (SEID). Currently, he plays an active role in overseeing the construction and development of a low cost hospital that Summit hopes to donate by the end of 2011.

Mr. Khan serves on the board of directors of Summit Industrial and Mercantile (Pvt.) Limited, Summit Power Limited, Summit Communications Limited, Summit Shipping Limited, Khulna Power Company Limited, Summit Bibiyana 1 Power Company Limited, Summit Bibiyana 2 Power Company Limited, Summit Meghnaghat Power Company Limited, IPCO Hotels and Resorts Ltd and IPCO Developments Ltd.