Brigadier General Ali Murtoza Khan, ndc, afwc, psc, has been a veteran leader in Bangladesh Army in his Military career. In his career, he had served in number of Infantry units and commanded one of the well reputed Infantry units of Army. He has also worked as the principal staff officer in one of the Infantry Brigade Headquarters and in an Infantry Divisional Headquarters. He too held the appointment as the Chief Instructor in Non Commission Officers’ Academy. Moreover, as senior officer, he commanded the President Guard Regiment, an Infantry Brigade, East Bengal Regimental Centre and as the Region Commander of Border Guards Bangladesh. He was also served as the UN Military Observer and Senior Operation Officer in the UN Mission in Rwanda and Ivory Coast respectively.

Mr. Khan has joined Summit Communications Limited in January, 2017 as the Chief Corporate Affairs Officer. He is in charge of regulatory affairs, legal, company administration and corporate affairs of the company maintaining liaison with all relevant regulatory bodies and key stakeholders.

Mr. Khan has obtained Masters on Defense Studies from National University and Masters of Security Studies from Bangladesh University of Professionals. He participated in number of professional training courses, seminars and workshops both home and abroad.