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    Dark Fiber Leasing:

    The term dark fiber was originally used when referring to the potential network capacity of telecommunication infrastructure, but now also refers to the increasingly common practice of leasing fiber optic cables from a network service provider. Dark fiber networks may be point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, or use self-healing ring or mesh topologies. While dark fiber leasing, SCL offers operators to lease cores/pair (i.e. 01 pair = 02 core) from SCL’s network for a definite distance and the operator will pay based on per Km per core basis for dark fiber dark leasing. Additionally the company can build up additional spurs according to the request of operators. The operators can sublease bandwidth to the end customers using their own active device or terminal equipment. Potential customers for dark fiber leasing are ISPs, Mobile operators, PSTN operators, Wimax operators and Cable TV operators. Currently all operators is providing end customer’s solution by providing dark fibers to each customers. As a result, there is a discreet need of more dark fibers among all operators for providing backbone and end-to-end transmission solution, which can be mitigated through NTTN operators. SCL will provide minimum 100 Km dark fibers for next 3 years to these operators for facilitating their backbone solution and these dark fibers will be provided exclusively for their backbone solution and will restrict them to sublease these fibers to other operators.

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