• IP Transit

    Summit Communications ltd is providing IP Transit network services for for middle and large sized clients. It is a suitable service for Internet Service Providers,  with a public AS (Autonomous System) number and the hardware and competence to handle dynamic BGP routing.

    We offer traffic to the entire global Internet network through our International Tier -1 partners and their extensive international internet backbone; through multiple IP Transit cable systems around the world. This allows us to provide an affordable service since we buy our capacity in bulk and in turn provide the client with a more manageable price point. We can route the client according to their specific needs to access a certain cable system or specific IP series.  We can provide IP Transit facilities from any International PoP location or domestic locations based on the client specification.

    The pricing of the service consists of an One Time Charge (OTC) and Monthly Recurring Charge (MRC). The OTC will be invoiced after service installation and the MRC can be billed in two different ways: 
    • Fixed Capacity Fixed Price
    • Burstable basis (95th Percentile)
    This allows the client to model their business plans according to their needs, either go for a pay as you grow model that allows the client to cut down revenue losses or settle for a business model that fits exactly according to their needs.

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