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    Client Name
    Aamra Network Limited
    Access Telecom (BD) Ltd.
    Aalok IT Limited ISP
    Advanced Data Networks System Ltd. ISP
    Aftab IT Ltd. ISP
    Agni Systems Ltd. ISP
    Alap Communication Ltd. ISP
    Always On Network Bangladesh Ltd. ISP
    Bangla Phone Ltd. ISP
    Bangla Trac Communications Ltd. ISP
    Bangladesh Export Import Company Ltd. ISP
    BDCOM Online Limited ISP
    Bijoy Online Ltd. ISP
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    Client Name
    BRAC BD Mail Network Ltd. ISP
    Broadband Telecom Services Ltd. ISP
    BUCT Communications Limited ISP
    Chittagong Online Ltd. ISP
    CITech Cybernet Ltd. ISP
    Communication One (Pvt.) Ltd. ISP
    Connect BD Ltd. ISP
    CPM Blue Online (PVT) Ltd. ISP
    Dhaka Broadband Network Ltd. ISP
    Dhaka Fiber Link Ltd. ISP
    Dhakacom Ltd. ISP
    DigiCon Telecommunication Ltd. ISP
    Drik Alokchitra Granthagar Ltd. (Drik ICT) ISP
    Dtech Limited ISP


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    Client Name
    E-Bangla Limited ISP
    Eirtel Services ISP
    Ektoo Limited ISP
    Equitel Ltd. ISP
    Fusion Net ISP
    G4 Communications Limited ISP
    Gram Bangla System Ltd. ISP
    Grameen Cybernet Ltd. ISP
    HRC Technologies Ltd. ISP
    ICC Communication ISP
    ICON Infotech ISP
    IDS Bangladesh ISP
    Information Service Network Ltd. ISP
    Intercloud Limited ISP


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    Client Name
    IP Communications ISP
    IS Pros Limited ISP
    IT Connect Ltd. ISP
    KS Network ISP
    Link3 Tecnologies Ltd. ISP
    M/S. Comilla Online ISP
    Media & Multimedia ISP
    Metronet Bangladesh ISP
    Mir Telecom Ltd. ISP
    MIRAE Company Limited ISP
    New Generation Graphics Limited ISP
     54 New Generation Technology Ltd. ISP
     55 Next Online Ltd. ISP
     56 Nextgen Networks Ltd. ISP


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    Client Name
    Onenet Communications Ltd. ISP
    Optimax Communications Ltd. ISP
    PC Anodyne Online ISP
    PraDeshta Ltd. ISP
    Prisma Digital Network Limited ISP
    Professionals' System ISP
    Radiant Communications Ltd. ISP
    Ranks ITT Ltd. ISP
    SB Network ISP
    Sine-10 (BD.) Ltd. ISP
    Sirius Broadband (BD.) Ltd. ISP
     68 Sky Tel Ltd. ISP
     69 Square Informatix Limited ISP
     70 Telnet Communication Limited ISP


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    Client Name
    Tomato Web (Pvt) Ltd. ISP
    Triangle Services Ltd. ISP
    Vision Tel Ltd. ISP
    X-Net Ltd. ISP
    ZX Online Limited ISP


Network Coverage
Aggregating a state-of-the-art fiber optic network, SCL has built access to over 33,000 KM nationwide network connecting all 64 districts, 340 upazillas and more than 3650 government offices, serving all the mobile phone operators, major ISPs and call centers all over the country.

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