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    Client Name
    1.Asia Alliance Ltd
    Apple Global Tel IGW
    Banglatrac Communications Ltd IGW
    BG Tel Limited IGW
    Bestec Telecom Limited IGW
    Bangladesh International Gateway Ltd IGW
    Bangla Tel Limited IGW
    Cel Telecom Limited IGW
    DBL Telecom Limited IGW
    DigiCon Telecommunication Ltd IGW
    Global Voice Telecom Limited IGW
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     Client Name
     12  Hamid Sourcing  IGW
     13  HRC Technologies Ltd  IGW
     14  Mir Telecom Ltd  IGW
     15  Novotel Limited  IGW
     16  Platinum Communications Ltd  IGW
     17  Roots Communication Ltd  IGW
     18  Ranks Telecom Ltd  IGW
     19  Sigma Telecom Ltd  IGW
     20  Telex Limited  IGW 
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     Client Name
     21 Unique Infoway Limited  IGW
     22  Vision Tel Limited  IGW
Network Coverage
Aggregating a state-of-the-art fiber optic network, SCL has built access to over 33,000 KM nationwide network connecting all 64 districts, 340 upazillas and more than 3650 government offices, serving all the mobile phone operators, major ISPs and call centers all over the country.

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