Govt. Projects

“Digital Bangladesh is a vision of bridging digital divide in the socio economic landscape of Bangladesh by 2021. It is a process of facilitating the common people to the widespread use of internet in their daily lives and the enterprises with broadband facilities of their corporate needs and to connect every government institutions with broadband thereby enhancing technological adaption.

In this vision, we are working with the Government, mobile operators, ISPs and other partners to ensure that we serve this segment well by satisfying all their infrastructure needs. While focusing on expansion, SCL maintains strict adherence to industry compliance, health and safety regulations and overall regulatory guidelines. by cohesively supporting the government and the industry as a whole through carrier grade fiber optic architecture, SCL is well placed to capture significant synergies in the long term. the vision includes facilitating broadband internet, data connectivity and its technological adaptation to the lives of common people, enterprises and the Government Institutions.

Info Sarker

For enabling the E-Services, the government has brought “Info Sarker” project, wherein the connectivity will be established to Government institutions at an upazilla and union level with close to 4000 connections.

Army- Data connectivity

SCL is providing data connectivity through it’s IP network to regional headquarters of Bangladesh Army all over Bangladesh.

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