• Summit Communications Ltd.(SCL)

    Summit Communications Limited (“SCL”) is a leading end to end infrastructure support provider having Nationwide Telecommunication Transmission Network and Gateway licenses. SCL has a singular focus of aggregating the existing infrastructure of different operators in order to eliminate investments by multiple operators and expanding it’s own network into areas that have been previously unreachable. SCL provides high capacity transmission services through optical fiber network, and provides internet services and international bandwidth services, through it state of the art network with latest available technologies (DWDM, IPMPLS, Metro Ethernet). Aggregating a nationwide network, SCL has built access to 13,200 KM network and has an ambitious plan of being the largest fiber optic infrastructure operator in the country with 100% nationwide coverage by 2017.

    To connect every household in Bangladesh with world class multi-media services with the objective to help develop a Digital Bangladesh.

    • To implement and operate telecommunication transmission network for the country’s ICT and Telecom sector.
    • To innovate and implement modern up to date transmission technology with durable, reliable and affordable service quality.
    • To explore and work toward future potentiality of different multimedia services on multi operator model.
Network Coverage
SCL has an aggregated network reach throughout Bangladesh of around 13,200 KM including our own laid fiber, a pair of dark fiber from PGCB as well as leased network from ANS(s).

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Dhaka Office:
Summit Centre
18, Karwan Bazar Commercial Area

Tel: +880-2-8189573-5

Fax: +880-2-8189577

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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